3 Things That Keep Entrepreneurs From Making Their Own Videos

Be honest, how many times have you been told: “You SHOULD make videos of you talking about your offerings for your website and/or social media”(this month)? This nugget of wisdom couldn’t be any more obvious and yet it couldn’t be further down the list of things you want to do this week. Right? We hear […]
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Stop Trying To Be Funny

Have you ever been to a family function or event in which someone DECIDES that they are going to be the comedian for the night even though they have no formal training, experience or talent? They have taken it upon themselves be the ones that put the whole audience in stitches…except that they are painfully […]
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Open Mic for Speakers

Have you ever seen a speaker that was so captivating and thrilling that time seemed to disappear? An hour flies by without you checking your phone or thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner. For me, this is often followed by a feeling of deep jealousy and envy wishing that I could be […]
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Parameters for Good Performance

When I first started teaching and coaching Public Speaking I was super excited about the prospect of helping people become more authentic and powerful performers. Having a theatre directing background, I was passionate about bringing the techniques and tools we learned in shows and adapting it to professionals in other industries. Teaching Acting for Non-Actors […]
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Nervous about public speaking and stage presence? Here’s what to focus on…

How many times have you sat through a conference, a workshop, or a pitch and felt the speaker doing a horrible job of reading off of a bad script that they wrote right before and tried to memorize? Doesn’t that feel weird? Does it make you want to ask them questions? Or just google something […]
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Adapting to the room

I once had a 45-minute panic attack during a performance in front of a very tough audience. I had been performing and teaching for years and loving it. However, this specific show was during a particularly rough time in my life and unfortunately, panic attacks were quite frequent at the time. It also didn’t help […]
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