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Through one-on-one coaching, we help you present the best YOU on stage. Whether you need help with confidence in speaking or structuring the content of your story, we will NEVER show you how to speak like anyone but YOU. We help you find your voice, craft your story and decifer your audience so that you can successfully deliver your message and inspire action.

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Public Speaking and Storytelling Coaching

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Podcast and Videocast Content Creation and Hosting Skills

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Humor Coaching

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Group Coaching & Workshops

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Public Speaking Coaching

Artful Speaking 5 Public Speaking

Public Speaking Coaching is the flagship of our offerings. Whether you have a presentation scheduled or have an on-going need, we can help you with content, delivery, performance anxiety and everything in-between. In four to six one-on-one coachings, we can:

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    Help create the content of your speech using foundations of an engaging, cohesive, strategic and emotionally moving narrative structure.

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    Narrow down the main message of your speech and research the benefits for your audience.

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    Construct your speech content to position you as an authority and expert in your subject matter.

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    Help you see yourself as an expert and work through imposter syndrome issues.

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    Guide you on how to speak with clarity and conviction through confidence coaching.

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    Provide a safe space for you to practice an authentic and confidence performance.

Podcast Content Creation and Hosting Skills

Artful Speaking 8 Interview Coaching

All entrepreneurs and corporate professionals need amazing interview skills. Whether you're interviewing for your dream job, being reviewed for a promotion or you're scheduled to be interviewed on a popular podcast, we can help. It's more than just brushing up on the basics. Much of what we do is to shape your story and experience in a way that positively paints you as an expert and/or MUST HAVE employee. Interview Skills Coaching will give you a leg up on the competition and give you the confidence to shine!

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    Craft an effective narrative structure that paints your successes and achievements in a way that positions you as a powerful asset to an employer.

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    Learn how to tell your story gracefully and confidently so that the interviewer does not feel threatened, and can relate.

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    Examine your true career intentions and articulate what you want out of your next position, and why this specific company that you're interviewing with is a good fit.

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    Practice with mock interview sessions in which we ask questions that are unique to your industry and similar to the ones that you will be confronted with.

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    Examine any past issues that might be uncomfortable to discuss, and figure out a way to direct the conversation around them in a way that positions you as a hero.

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    Improve your overall mindset by examining all of your strengths and weaknesses and help your confidence.

Humor Coaching

Artful Speaking - Humor Coaching 1

Comedy can be a powerful tool that helps people relax and process information more personally. At it’s best humor is deeply relatable and humanizes speakers. We don’t want to merely be a “sage on the stage” that lectures AT people. Our goal instead is to create a positive environment on stage that can allow your audience to connect with you on a genuine level. Telling jokes, funny stories, and introducing a unique point of view will make you more memorable, more likable, and more engaging (and to ultimately get rehired).

In this package, we look at stories from your own life and/or professional experiences and put them into a comedic narrative structure (Premise-Punchline...etc) in such a way that enhances the emotional arc of your speech (not distracts from it).

Many clients find this to be the most fun in the speech creating process because it helps them feel more authentic, comfortable, and powerful. It breaks the barrier between themselves and their listeners.

We can add relatable and engaging humor to your pitches, presentations, and/or interviews.

Group Coaching & Workshops

Artful Speaking 3 Group Coaching & Workshops

Each one of our coaching packages can be adapted to fit the needs of your organization. Whether you want to empower a team of 20 or an audience of 1,000 we can specifically tailor the core message of our coaching process to enliven your group and create lasting impact.


Content Generator Coaching

$2,250 -$2,750 paid in full OR $800-$950 paid in 3 installments (3 weeks apart) Best Value!
  • 90 Min sessions
  • Video Chat Appointments
  • Editing for Video and/or Podcast Packages
  • Pay using CC or Paypal
  • For New Clients

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Our pricing is simple. Pay for a 6 session package and get the best rate. Payment by check, money order, or bank transfer available if purchasing 6 sessions or more. Payment is due in advance of the session. Appointments are not confirmed until payments have been submitted. 

New clients must purchase the 6 session package first. Established clients may elect the monthly retainer program.

Appointment Rescheduling and/or Cancellations:
If you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of the session, we can reschedule at no extra charge. If there is a last-minute cancellation or you are a no-show, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to reschedule the session. If we need to reschedule with you, we will give you at least a 24-hour notice.

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