Meghann Conter 

The Mistress of Marketing and Owner of The Dames. 

"Know when you find that person who supports you endlessly, encourages you, picks you up when you've fallen, and helps you come back stronger than ever before? That's Ron! And who wouldn't want that in a public speaking coach? Ron's ability to tap into each individual's essence and extract their truest gifts in the form of speaking in that individual's true, authentic voice is one of Ron's greatest gifts. Ron has been my supportive guide in harnessing my gifts and integrating them into my presentations and my day-to-day life. This, in turn, has helped me improve self-confidence, enhance the delivery of my message, and increase sales! I don't know what I would do without Ron!" 


Jennifer Levy Frye

Business Development Solution Expert - CEO at JLF Consulting, LLC. 

"Working with Ron has been a game changer for my business. He is so genuinely enthusiastic about his work and he is clearly operating in his zone of genius. Ron exudes joy and you can’t help but feel joyful around him. He uncovered a huge missed opportunity in my messaging and helped me rewrite an much more authentic way to represent my core competencies resulting in increased revenue for my firm. I highly recommend working with Ron!!" 


Jaime Foster

Sales + Business Coach | DiSC Speaker | Podcast Host 

"Ron is the best public speaking coach on the market! I came to Ron with a few notes, lots of nerves, and an upcoming speaking date. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. First, Ron is your personal cheerleader! I looked forward to our meetings and loved the "Ron Time"! He not only helped me structure my speech and shared pro tips with me but also gave me the confidence to knock it out of the park. We even did a quick run through the day of the speech which was a game-changer. Ron is a lifesaver and an absolute must hire public speaking and messaging coach!" 


Becky Clabaugh

Money Mindset Expert Helping women in business shift their money paradigm 

"Ron Ben-Joseph helped me unpack my fear of being "too much". That thought comes from a terrible belief that was really holding me back in my business. With his incredible gift of encouragement and his expertise of directing me to be "me" as I am speaking in public, or in general has been a real game changer. Working with Ron was the best decision ever!" 


Sherry Hess

Owner, Co Author, Tedx Speaker, Sensory Advocate for Taste at The Flavor Remedy 

"Ron has a phenomenal way of finding the clear and purposeful thread of our relevant stories and knows how to help you bring them to life - whether on stage, or on video Ron has been my rock. After a disastrous dress rehearsal of my Tedx talk to morning of, Ron was able to bring me back to my center, and send me on stage for a flawless live performance. He’s become a solid source of support and brilliance in my work." 


Rachel Lubchansky

Business Coach + Strategist | Community Builder  

"Working with Ron is not an experience that can be succinctly put into words! He's brilliant - on another level, fun, creative, and the kind of cheer squad anyone would want in their corner. What I loved most about working with Ron though was the way he made me feel -- comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone and easing me into my own gifts. If you're a business owner looking to tell your own story, do more public speaking or just get comfortable in your own skin as a leader, Ron's your guy." 


Debra Shapiro

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician | Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist | Health Coach  

"Ron was incredibly helpful from the first moment that we connected. Even with his initial complimentary session, I could see the value he would bring to my project. I felt that I could trust him from the very beginning and he didn't let me down. He has a way of really hearing what you are saying and trying to say, and wishing you could say...and then proposing simple tweaks that have an enormous impact on the finished product. In just a few sessions, we took a mishmash of disparate ideas and rearranged them into a really perfect talk. Then he went on, as more of a director would, to help tweak and fine tune my vocal style, practically line by line, so that the finished product would be really as polished a performance as possible. Having the recordings of our sessions sent back to me, was invaluable, as much as I hate watching myself speak, it's really a must for improvement. I would highly recommend Ron to anyone having to make an important public speech. I know he has many other talents, as well, and I hope to be able to engage him in the future, with other professional pursuits. " 


Ann Neal

Financial Services Professional Agent

"Ron has this incredible gift where he takes what you do professionally and blends it with your own unique gift. We all have something to offer, or to teach. And whether we know what it is yet or not, he creates the channel to let that come through. It’s really incredible! I feel like I’m living my purpose because of the work I’m doing with Ron. You’re the best, Ron! Thank you for coaching me to get to where I am today!"


Amy (Ballinger) Duncan, CFP®

Financial Advisor Team Duncan Financial, Moloney Securities

"I just worked with Artful Speaking LLC and Ron Ben-Joseph to prepare and deliver a talk on Financial Life Planning. I've never felt more confident in my delivery, as articulate and passionate about my important points and so prepared to talk in front of a large group. I can't thank you enough for the way you connected with me, pulled out the best of me and found the gems in my message. I felt connected and clearly heard at my speaking event. Thank you. I consider you a master of your art and really fun to work with."



A.A.S.E.C.T. Certified Sex Therapist

"Ron is professional, skilled, and intuitive- the best combination for a coach. I have had tremendous success working with Ron."


Yan Li, CPA

Senior Internal Auditor

"Ron is one of the best communication coaches I have worked with. He has made my career transition successful and seamless. The interviewing coaching sessions Ron offered gave me so much confidence to walk in the room and truly presented the best of myself."


Alyce Blum

Networking Coach and Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

"Working with Ron Ben-Joseph is exciting, fun and most importantly a productive use of ones' time and money. Ron has helped me craft and deliver multiple speeches, presentations with PowerPoint decks and has even led a session for my MeetUp group on how to 'share your story vs. talk at someone' Through all of these experiences I've found Ron to be extremely professional and walked away feeling more confident than when we started. He has a unique blend of coaching/consultative skills that he brings to the table and its been wonderful to work with him and see him speak & interact in front of a group!"


Willow Bradner

Accidental Psychic, Intuitive Coach and Speaker

"Ron has this amazing ability of tapping into what it is you are trying to say, creating this very permissive atmosphere for you to explore what it is to move into true voice and communicate clearly what you want to say.

He helps you find your way on stage, camera and even the boardroom.

Ron Ben-Joseph will help you to fully discover yourself as an authentic communicator and presenter, better still is that he will be your greatest cheerleader and admirer long after he sets you free.

I recommend Ron to all my friends in the biz!"


Mona Aburmishan

Stand Up Comedian / Comedic Speaker / Producer / Writer / Emcee

"Ron is an extremely talented artist and director. He’s got a vision and able to honor the voice of the artist in a way that’s almost magical. Ron will never let you down."


Ryan Sterling

CEO/Co-founder GreenScreens

"Ron is one of the most talented coaches, and speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. A true master of reading people and fine-tuning authentic approaches to delivering the right message to the right audience. Our team loved the experience with Ron and looked forward to working with him in the future."


Haylee Powers

Bad Bitch Branding

"Ron was AMAZING to work with. He carefully listened to my needs, encouraged me and was overall extremely helpful. I highly recommend Ron for anyone that needs either public speaking help, or even help selling their product or service. He has a way of distilling your message and really bringing out the parts that are compelling. He also cared about what I was doing and got fired up and excited for me! If you are thinking about working with Ron, Do it!"

matt Cooke

Matt Cooke

CEO at Dispensarly

"Ron is a miracle worker. People in my cohort are asking how I changed so fast. I was barely nervous (during my presentation). It was an amazing feeling. Thank you so much!!!"


Jeff Bearden

Certified Happiness Coach

"Ron is the most amazing speaking coach that anyone could ever have the pleasure of working with. His insights and humor have helped me craft my speeches for youth motivation and "Embracing Your Uniqueness". I couldn't have done it without him. He has provided me with continued support whenever I have needed it."


Patrick Rea

Co-Founder & CEO at CanopyBoulder

"@RonBenJoseph thank you...
for one of the most popular #mentor presentations at @CanopyBoulder this fall."


Casey Grothus

Trimble SketchUp

"Ron was extremely helpful to me. I had a presentation that needed to be perfect and he helped me achieve it. He helped me become more at ease with public speaking as a whole through a variety of exercises. His friendly nature put me at ease and helped me to feel comfortable when it came time to practice my presentation. I highly recommend him to anyone who has difficulty with presentations."


Nicole Patel

Northwestern University

"We hired Ron to provide communication training to undergraduates students (Northwestern University) participating in a career development program. Ron worked diligently to understand our needs and then prepared and executed a high-energy, interactive and fun two-day session. He is a master of delivering positive messages and constructive feedback in his coaching."

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